Past Events

The first week in August, we received a phone call from Usha and Mahen Panchal. Acharya Yogendradev wanted to come visit and was willing to give a lecture and teach a yoga class.


Acharya is a graduate and master teacher at Lakulish University in India, and a disciple of Rajarshi Muni, a brother in the Lakulish Lineage.

Acharya was kind and gentle and very generous, not only with his time but also he gave all the money that was donated when he was here to the temple, which we used for materials for the 12 Jyotirlinga skylights.

If we would have had longer to plan and advertise more people would have known and been able to participate.

Acharya gave a lecture on Karma Yoga which 35 people attended. In the morning of the 23rd of August he taught a 2 hour yoga class with 24 participants.

First he did a yoga dance to limber up. His style of teaching was a follow the leader approach. A good share of the people who came were yoga teachers from various traditions.

He was willing to go on for another 2 hours but we had other activities planned. For people who have their emphasis on the physical side of hatha yoga, he was great. At the end of the session he demonstrated some more complex yoga postures that people stereotype more with what an Indian Yogi would do.

In the afternoon we had a smaller group for a question and answer session. This allowed the local teachers to ask anything they wanted to.

Acharya loved to walk in nature and to walk through our woods. He must have made a dozen trips through the woods in the short time he was here.


We had an enCHANTing evening with a satsanga with Usha and Mahen which culminated with a small group chanting the entire Bhagvad Gita in Sanskrit with the strong voice of Mahen Panchal leading us.


It was indeed a boon for the yoga community to have blessing of Acharya Yogendradev's teachings and we hope that he will return.

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