Going within
In the daytime, light floods the temple from the skylights and 11 windows. For groups two rows of meditation benches are placed around the exterior of the circular rug under the dome. Additional rows of chairs may also be used.

There is so much to see. So much to experience. The aroma of amber kasturi incense satisfies the senses and perhaps there is some music playing - either classical or bhajans or chants. On a subtle level many healing properties have been infused into the floor.

Coins, 500 semiprecious stones, cobwebs, gold plated violin strings, sand from the Tibetan Monks sacred mandalas and even pieces of the Berlin Wall were imbedded into the foundation. When the cement was poured, 6 different colors of cement dye were power troweled into the surface. It looked like a wonderful abstract painting. But the many years of construction with ladders, etc. wore away at the surface so in 2003 Shuchi (Adena Clarey) and Leela painted the floor.

First a faux marble pattern was painted around the exterior then Leela cut a lotus pattern from paper and taped it around the perimeter. Red paint was then rolled onto the floor. A few days later help arrived. Another coat of red was applied and Shuchi and Leela poured 3 colors of paint and distributed it with a broom in an abstract design..... this was immediately rolled into the surface with a dry roller so there would be a smooth surface. Later 6 coats of acrylic wax were applied. We have been told that this floor would be perfect for classical Indian dance.

Click here to see the circular goddess designs on the walls.







Shuchi applies paint
hOMe Lineage Exterior Interior Abstract Goddesses Mantra lights