Yogacharya Swami Anantdev gave us an extensive and excellent series of programs. We knew it would be special as even a redbud tree bloomed, waiting 2 months just for his arrival. Augusta, Veronica and Leela met him and his cook/musician Ashok Joshi at the Airport in Omaha.

Our first gathering was for a satsanga that Friday evening. We were fortunate to have Kiki's friend Nick come with his digereedo. The evening was filled with music, laughter, dancing, and meditation as Anantdev was introduced to our small community.


Swami Anantdev is well versed in over 800 yogic asanas (postures), pranayams (breathing techniques) and their related aspects. He is also an expert in Ayurveda and Panch karma, meditation, Spiritual Healing and Music Therapy. Swamiji has presented hundreds of Yoga 'Shibirs' (mini yoga camps) within India and abroad and taught over 20,000 people.

We had a small turn out for his yoga shibir on Saturday morning. He gave his time freely and abundantly teaching us his style of yoga which he learned from his guruji - Rajarshi Muni. Rajarshi Muni is a guru brother of Leela's whose expertise is the physical body.

Anantdev's mission during his visit was to further the teachings of Yoga by conducting yoga shibir's Free of Cost for the benefit of social and cultural development of mankind. His teachings are foundational and it can easily 'kick start' a practice that will help to improve your health and show you how to incorporate a yoga practice into a busy lifestyle.

Saturday afternoon we had a workshop on Mantra and Sound Therapy. Unfortunately, Leela only took one photo.

Saturday night we had scheduled another satsanga, however, we had tornado warnings and a tornado did hit Omaha later that evening. Even at that we moved the musical instruments into the house and Elaine and her grandson Dillon showed up, so we had some good chanting and private time.

More photos on the next pages.

Yogacharya Swami Anantdev

June 6-9, 2008

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