Usually when applying black felt a.k.a. tar paper we would start at the bottom and work horizontally upwards. However, with a circular roof we needed to adapt - not to mention working around all the skylights!

Eddith Buis came over on a couple of days and helped cut the felt. Even though she has a fear of heights, she climbed the ladder to help hold the felt as the wind blew.

Steve Kelley and Dale and Leela nailed the felt down.


With the fall winds ripping away at the felt, Steve volunteered to put some tar under the edges. Here he is doing his Goddess Kali pose. And those are his classical violinist hands covered with tar.



Shingling the roof was a major project. All in all it took 8 months. All week long Leela would taper each cedar shingle on the ban saw and then stain them with a polar blue deck stain. One day a week Dale and Steve would both have the day off and the 3 of them would get up on the roof and nail each shingle until they were all used up. One day Hank Raff came over so we had him help and towards the end a couple of people from Dale's work came over and we had them nailing shingles also.


Dale, Steve and Leela wrapped plastic around the exterior of the temple so that Leela could work inside on the shingles during the winter.


We had different nailing techniques. Steve would sit and work to his side, Dale would work kneeling his knees and Leela would lay out as in Cobra and lift up to nail.





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