Power of Love Temple

Diwali November 5, 2010


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Our evening started with a yagna for the end of suffering for all those who are truly victims of man's inhumanity toward other humans, especially those who are being held in bondage or being abused/tortured!! Yagna, a prayer that God will remove those features of our own humanity that has the potential to turn in this dark direction, i.e bringing about or supporting harm to others.

This was followed by a satsanga with lots of kirtan. Many people lead chants for about an hour an a half. We chanted one sloka from the bhagavad gita 13:18 in Sanskrit which means: "That supreme Brahma is said to be the light of all lights and entirely beyond Maya. that godhead is knowledge itself, worth knowing, and worth attaining through real widsom, and is particularly abiding in the heart of all."

Then we shared sweets and received gifts. Following this we had some fireworks during which this photo was taken. The goddess Laxmi is known to appear when the heart is clean and pure. Diwali is the festival of light - the conquering of good over evil - light over darkness. Only afterward, looking at this photo was I humbled that she appeared befoe us in the form of light with our fireworks.