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Sue Moon (Kadambari) has helped with various elements of temple construction and she wanted to bring her support to the next level so she offered to give a workshop as a fund raiser for the Temple.

Sue is a Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. Sue is a disciple of Yogi Amrit Desai as well as other teachers. She is the cofounder of Morning Star Center and you can read more about her at

Not only did she prepare and give the workshop, she also is a fabulous cook and prepared the lunch for the workshop participants as well.

The workshop was experiential. Sue lead the participants with guided meditations, lightness and joy. Everyone felt good at the end of the day.

The funds from this workshop helped to pay for some of the materials for the porch on the Temple.


Sue has one of the best attitudes towards making positive changes in her life. Her attitude helps strengthen the attitude of others.


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The Eagle - Photograph by Eva Czarnecki - Eva's website is: / Poem by Leela

The Eagle

Soaring proudly through the blue Auspiciously watching over views of her role in the drama of lives gone by.

A pilgrimage inside to see glimpses of her role in eternity. Heaven reflects the Earth as attitude Strengthens the Power of Womankind.