Past Events

On Sunday, September 29, 2002 the Tibetan Monks returned to Power of Love Temple. This was the first year for West Nile virus and we had noticed a big drop in the number of birds. We asked the monks to say some prayers for the birds and wild life.

Ruth Fitch pitched in to help make some meditation benches and pillows for the monks to sit on. Steve Kelley helped with cleaning - windows and floors.

Ruth smudged participants with sage as they arrived.


Garotica (Gary Carlson) and Cathy Steenson helped to make benches. Garotica also helped with the pocket doors as well as Dale and Steve Kelley. Sue Moon (Kadambari) pitched in to clean and hang a curtain over some ugly black felt where a sculpture was to be installed.

Margee Virant decorated the center of the temple with some flowers.


It was a very foggy morning and the monks arrived with Sandy Aquila. Leela is greeting them.


After the ceremony of prayers we had a small lunch made by other volunteers. The monks answered questions.

Jack Hubbell took some fabulous black and white photographs and if interested ask to see them when you come visit.


The monks honored Dale and Leela (and Steve Kelley) with katas and a certificate. An uplifting time was had by one and all. Kadambari was so blissed out that she forgot her shoes and drove her truck home barefooted.

We feel very blessed that the monks filled our temple with their voices and hearts.

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