Interior Goddesses

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Brahmani is the shakti (power) of Brahma the creator. She represents the primordial nada, which is the energy of sound that has not yet appeared. This is unmanifest sound, the origin of all creation. She rides a peacock, which is also Brahma's vehicle and carries the same items in her hands. Her upper right hand has a rattle. This is symbolic of low, unarticulated, expressive sound. In her other right hand is a mala or prayer beads. Sound is to be offered back to God. In her left hands are a kamandalu ( water pot) showing the relationship between emotion, creation and sound, and in her other left hand is a pustak (book). The book shows the written form of communications. Like Brahma, she has 3 faces - this shows the relationship to the 3 worlds: the underworld, earth and heaven.